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What dreams are made of is the stuff of nightmares in this new point-and-click adventure. Delve deep into realms both fantastical and terrifying, and use the power of lucid dreaming to solve puzzles, explore, and contend with eerie adversaries in your search for the brother you thought had died.

Foster a sanctuary for frogs and restore the biodiversity of the wetlands, a cozy farming sim where you raise frogs by playing mini-games and decorating your habitat.

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release date
28 Jun 2022
Action, Adventure
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republic listing, thurs 19th September

Bringing AI To Life

AiJAM is an AI-powered, b2b Saas platform from VRJAM powered by Web3 that leverages the VRJAM Blue token to offer investors, content creators and business owners remarkable new ways to create value.

Complete the form below to get priority access to the Republic listing of VRJAM Blue and invest in the next, leading AI retail tool.

AiJAM is primed to disrupt the market for AI agents by providing brands, creators and business customers a high quality, low cost solution for creating customized 3D characters that they train using any text based data and then deploy on websites to replace chatbots with lifelike virtual humans.


AiJAM is fully Web3 native and the solution empowers brands and creators to tokenize their AI agents as NFTs (using the VRJAM Blue token) so they can be bought and sold on the VRJAM Marketplace.

AiJam is available via a monthly subscription (Saas) payment service and payments can be made in all the major cryptocurrencies or via debit and credit card using Stripe.


Monthly subscription prices for AiJAM start at $399 per month with a minimum contract term, positioning the price of the service around 75% below the nearest competing product.

20% of revenue generated by subscriptions will be contributed to the VRJAM Blue Token Treasury and used for buyback and liquidity provision on Dex, thereby constantly stabilizing the token price and deepening liquidity.

As the number of AiJAM subscribers grows, so too will the new money inflows to the token ecosystem, creating an evergreen flywheel of value creation to drive future price performance, see the diagram below:


The Republic campaign will offer the remaining, unsold portion of the VRJAM Blue Seed Round allocation for sale below the Seed price empowering investors to buy below the market price, offering an exciting opportunity to get in the ground floor. 

Please consider the risks before making a decision about whether to invest. This disclaimer can help clarify the high risk nature of crypto investments:

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Whitelist sale date
Tue 17 September
public sale dates

Thur 19 September – Thur 1 October

fundraising targets

STAGE 1: $300K
STAGE 2: $300K


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